Core Components of a Strong SEO Strategy

If you go to your favorite browser today and search cheap towing Alexandria VA, both organic and paid results will pop up on search engine results pages. The results you see are determined by various factors according to the rankings preferences of search algorithms. Search engines have a single goal, which is to provide users with the most relevant answers and information.

Every time you perform a search, algorithms will choose pages that are most relevant to your query. The information that users get is based on the relevancy between the search query and content on the page and the authority of a site. Search engines keep their algorithms secret, to avoid manipulation. However, search engine optimization comes in to unveil the factors that determine the rankings and results displayed on search pages.

To better the chances of your site showing on the first page of search results, you must understand the three most important components of SEO. Let’s have a discussion.

Technical setup

For your site to rank, the first thing that search engines need is to find the site. It will scan for appropriate keywords and add them to its database. There are a couple of technical things you must get right. The first is website navigation and links. Search engines need to crawl sites and follow links to determine a site’s relevance. On your articles, ensure that you embrace a simple URL structure. Work on your page speed to minimize the load time. If you have dead or broken links, ensure they are appropriately redirected. You also need to submit a sitemap of your site as well as robots.txt files.


The second most important factor determining ranking in sites is content. Every time you use search engines, you are looking for content- i.e, information that would solve your problem. This content might come in different ways and formats including blogging, web page, posts, video among others. Content is what customers are looking for when searching for answers. Search engines use content to determine how to rank a page.

While crawling a page, it will analyze factors such as content length, structure, and quality to determine its relevance. Be guided by keyword research when writing your content. When you write your content, ensure you follow the guidelines of on-page optimization. Make full use of optimized keywords on your post title, URL, H1 tags, within the first 100 words of your paragraph and in meta tags and meta descriptions.


In its desire to provide users with the most relevant answers, Google and other search engines give priority to pages that have links. This is where backlinking comes on. Every time another site mentions your site, your site gets a backlink, and its ranking increases. Google will use the quality and quantity of links as a signal that your site has authority. You need to embark on a strategic link building strategy to boost the rankings of your site. To build good links, you will need to be creative, think strategically, and be patient with the process.

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