How to Sell Your Services Online

onlineDo you own a service-oriented business such as Platinum Access Limos and looking forward to increasing the amount of business you generate online? Any service based business faces a couple of challenges especially when looking forward to scaling. You can have an online store where you sell your services and products, but having an online store is just not good enough. You need to roll your sleeves more.

We are going to look at sure ways you can use to ensure that you sell your services in the most effective way;

Establish an online presence

The first and obvious move you will need is to establish an online presence from where you will be selling your services. You need to build an online presence and customers will find you. This means you need to make a website and put your contact information on a page along with a list of the services you offer. You also need to include a lot of other information that your potential customers will find useful. Besides that, you will need to build trust with your customers to perceive your business as credible.


You need to work on testimonials. Testimonials are very important and have the power of tapping into the consciousness of people and help them reach an emotional level. Many people tend to trust what others say about a product or service and testimonials will be very important in helping you reach this.

Customer Reviews

ReviewsCustomer reviews will also be very important in helping you reach your sales goals. You need to give a chance for other customers to leave their reviews. People are so much influenced by social proof and will find testimonials very important in determining whether to buy a product or service. Testimonials also help in providing a constructive feedback.

Search Engine Optimization

You should get deeper into the world of search engine optimization in pushing for your services online. When you optimize your website, it means you will drive a lot of traffic to the site and grow your customer base. SEO is very important in achieving your online presence. You need to understand that SEO techniques are not a one-time thing, but rather a continuing effort.


Blogging can be very important when it comes to establishing an online presence and promoting your services. Blogging creates a unique way to engage your target market and tell them your brand’s story. By blogging, you will let people know everything about your services. You will need to craft excellent and useful content that is quite intriguing.



Why You Need to Have a Mobile Friendly Website

mobile friendlyWe are living in a fast-paced digital world and constant advancements in technology have made information to be accessible instantly. This means people are even hungrier for more information and better services. People normally acquire this information from websites. It is therefore very important to ensure that web developers provide site visitors with the best experience as possible when visiting websites. This calls for the need for developing mobile-friendly websites.

What is a mobile-friendly website?

A mobile-friendly website is one that is designed to display website contents on mobile, tablets and smartphones without losing its consistency across various devices. It is highly optimized for mobile devices making it easier for mobile users to read desired content easily and navigate with ease on the sites they choose to visit.

A mobile-friendly website is built to adjust its screen size as well as resolution when users access the website using mobile devices. This means users are able to find what they are looking in a matter of seconds.

Why Have a Mobile Friendly Website

It is very important to have a mobile-friendly website due to a couple of reasons. First, a mobile-friendly website will have a huge impact on your business. Today, mobile usage has by far exceeded desktop usage when looking for products and content online. This means that if your site is not fully optimized for mobile, you are greatly going to miss out on potential customers and sales.

If your business has not gone mobile, there is not a better time to do it than now. If you make your site mobile in a friendly way, you are going to realize an increased traffic to your site. This is because of the growing number of mobile users. You will attract a large number of users because you are providing them with a mobile experience.

A mobile-friendly website also delivers a better user experience. Majority of your visitors are now using their smartphones and tablets to check on what you offer. So if you can provide a desktop experience, as well as a superior mobile experience, you stand to benefit a lot. With a mobile-friendly website, you are also going to realize increased conversion rates. When more traffic is coming to your site, you will have better opportunities to engage your target customers, and this leads to quality leads.
A mobile-friendly website is also very important when it comes to reducing bounce rates. This means you are providing your site visitors with an intuitive design and experience and this makes them stay on your site for longer.

Best Way to Advertise your Website

SEOYou may have one of the most effective product in the world, but if you do not carry out an effective marketing, no one will know about it. Just because you have a working website hosted on the net doesn’t mean that each web surfer will come flocking to it. No one will know your website if you do not advertise it. There are several ways you can go about it if you want to get your website up there.

Here are top of the methods you can use to make your website more discoverable.

Focus on SEO

Before you begin working on the contents of your website, you need to evaluate the SEO tools that will help you in the process. You can use the Google Keyword Planner to help you in finding the best keywords for your target market. You need to focus on long tail keywords as they can be very effective in ensuring you get a quick traffic. SEO is very important in ensuring that your website is discovered by the outside world.

Social Media Marketing

The world of social media has completely evolved. You need to create a social media account and interact with your customers as doing so is among the most effective ways of promoting a website. There are different social media accounts that provide business with effective and excellent platforms to advertise their business and websites. You may consider running contests and giveaways for maximum customer interaction.

Search Engine Listing

A simple way to have your website up and running is to submit it to search engine listings. You need to submit the URL of your site to search engine directories such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo so as to have your site indexed. These search engines offer free listing services and can be very resourceful in ensuring your site is discoverable to the larger internet community. Enlisting your website to search engines is the first step you have to do in promoting your website.

Reciprocal Linking

LinksOne way of showing search engines that your website is trusted is by having other websites link to your site. When you want to promote your website, there are options such as guest blogging, link exchange, forum posting and doing news articles. You should avoid linking your website to low-ranking and low-quality websites. This is because search engines are interested in higher ranked websites as that is where all the ranking juices exist. You need to put a lot of focus on links that are particularly useful to readers.

Quality Content

You need to put a lot of focus on offering quality content on your websites. The main reason you are writing blog content is to offer a quality read to your visitors. Ask yourself if you are giving them the information they want and if what you are offering them is fresh always. Creating quality content is very important to your website and its overall ranking. You need to write the type of content that people want to read from your websites. Try to establish your authority on the specific niche you have decided to write about.




Top Website Design Trends and Ideas

TrendsThe average internet user may not be able to notice what is happening on the websites, but web design trends are always changing. We can all agree that a good look at internet users in the 1990s can tell the big changes they are able to see on today’s websites. However, noticing more subtle changes in the design of websites can as well happen each year. The shifts in terms of website designs are slow, but it is worth to pay attention to them. You need to ensure that any website you create works well on both mobile and website.

Here are top design trends you need to observe when creating your next website;

Responsive Design

Having a responsive design for your website is not a new thing, but it is very important to achieve it. You need to ensure that your site works well on both desktop and mobile versions. Visitors will not be sticking around if your website does not work well with mobile devices. When you have a responsive website, each page has the same copy in terms of content, images, and elements, irrespective of the device used to view it.


You might have noticed that a lot of business websites are now using a little pop-up window at the bottom right side of the screen. This window gives you a chat to chat with a representative. Adding a chat window means that any visitor with a question regarding your business can send it and have the answer send right away while they are online. You can also program your chatbots to answer the most common questions about your business.


AnimationAutoplay videos are very much common on websites today. However, the beauty about it is that you can add some movements to your web design using some simple animations. A growing of websites are now including animations in the background or images. A good animation has the power to draw the eye of a visitor, without distracting a visitor from the main information they want to see. Adding animations is a web design trend that makes websites more engaging and adds some personality.


Microinteractions is one of those issues that take user engagement to a whole new level. There are those animations that respond to what a user does on the page. When you notice that a website is reacting to your mouse movements, then these are what we call microinteractions.