double stroller screen savers

Allanah came into work yesterday having spent the last two years on maternity leave. It was good to see her back at work again and it wasn’t long before we got up to our old tricks.

Allanah is in the market for a double stroller as she had twins. To be more specific she is in the market for the best double stroller so today we had a quick 10 minute challenge to see who could find the best stroller the fastest. Allanah cheated! she obviously knew which one she wanted as she instantly found the umbrella double stroller

I got distracted as double strollers arean’t reall m thing. Instead I found a sweet screen saver of darth vader… weird huh?

Anyway Allanah took out her first day back at work challenge. Tomorrow I promise we’ll have a better challenge to write up before we leave allanah made me promise to leave you guys link to the bbc where you can read a article on parenting.





Screen Savers and Laundry Baskets

You might well be wondering how the title came about and what connection a laundry basket and a screen saver have together. Well today will be my first post away from sam aarin and the gang.

On the weekend my washing machine broke dow so i called round to moms to use hers. She challenged me when i was mid stride with my best laundry hamper, i couldn’t believe my ears, what followed was a quick agreement on the terms. If i won she would use her laundry organizer and do my washing for the next week.

If on the low chance she won then i would cook dinner every sunday for a month, not so much of a chore.

I wrote this in clean tops and oants and have never had such well ironed work shirts.

And the winning screensaver? check this out,

a beauty from the boys and

the water cooler debate

Sam was sitting next to me and asked for some water, the cheek! i replied that rather than play the traditional game of paper scissors rock that we would play find the best elkay water cooler. There are many types of water cooler but to make the search harder we decided to focus on the elkay water cooler

I shot off to a early lead by discovering a batman themed water cooler. I was convinced that victory was mine but Sam had the last laugh.

Sam had managed to fid the creame de le creame of screen savers. He had discovered a Snorks water cooler. i was very impressed and decided to award the screen saver of the week award to Sam, the new kid on summer vacation.

Mobile phone screen savers

Back at it and i haven’t been updating the readers about our latest finds in the world of screensavers. Last week my fellow office warriors and i decided to team up and try and find the best mobile phone screen savers.

The first challenge was to find a htc phone cases screensaver. Anna found the first one, quickly followed by harris from accounts who found a cracker htc one custom case so lets go and see what the other guys got. Well first of all aarin searched wikipedia and the aarin found the winner due to his superior research skills. Aarin congratulations and we’ll have more exciting office antics next week. But first we leave you with the wining screen saver.  custom made phone cases

Please feel free to email us or pm us with any iteresting screen saver links you may use or are developing. We’d love to check them out and maybe run a feature guest post where one of our avid fans covers off a topic in the feild of screen savers. So lots to look forward to!

Health Based Screen Savers

I can spend hours choosing a screen saver. In my role as a call centre worker i have a lot of down time on my hands. i generally spend this surfing the internet or talking with my co workers, we often have competitions to see who can find the best screen saver for that day, To make the time go faster and to make the search easier we normally have a topic.

Yesterdays topic was health. Whoever found the best health related screen saver was allowed to go home early by 20 minutes, imagine! Anyway i found a screensaver about cheapest adjustable dumbbells

This was the winner with everyone else going for the easy workout woman screensavers. i got to go home early and i also got a great screensaver for my office pc i think it links to a site about home weight heavy adjustable dumbbells but that doesn’t bother me. Join me in the hunt for great screensavers tomorrow.