Health Based Screen Savers

I can spend hours choosing a screen saver. In my role as a call centre worker i have a lot of down time on my hands. i generally spend this surfing the internet or talking with my co workers, we often have competitions to see who can find the best screen saver for that day, To make the time go faster and to make the search easier we normally have a topic.

Yesterdays topic was health. Whoever found the best health related screen saver was allowed to go home early by 20 minutes, imagine! Anyway i found a screensaver about cheapest adjustable dumbbells

This was the winner with everyone else going for the easy workout woman screensavers. i got to go home early and i also got a great screensaver for my office pc i think it links to a site about home weight heavy adjustable dumbbells but that doesn’t bother me. Join me in the hunt for great screensavers tomorrow.